Praying - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 4
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A farmer with what appears stigmata is claiming that his sheep is Mary and he is the Messiah. It's somewhere in Italy.

Lenny is passing out communion to a nun. He asks why she became a nun and she tells him he found her in a bar.  His voice is like it's coming from a radio/tinny. She has a hearing aid.

Voiello is praying. He's very depressed. He has summoned Ester. His desk is littered with his book. He knows about her affair with Valente. He leaves the room to get a tray of tea. He wants to make a deal with her.

Ester is the middle of a church. She's praying.

She's in the garden with Lenny. Lenny tells her she reminds him of his first girlfriend, but prettier. She's embarrassed. He wants to know what her problem is and when she doesn't answer he tells her. He tells her he knows she can't have kids.

She tells him both she and her husband are sterile.

He tells her to pray to Mary.

Amatucci and Voiello are spying on them.

The nun from earlier tells Lenny her sister is dead and they pray in the chapel. She asks if she can go to Sri Lanka. He tells her not to go chasing after the dead.

Lenny is with Gutierrez to baptize some infants. He's not thrilled about it. Ester shows up. He smirks when he sees her.

Sofia is staked out in the Pope's bathroom and surprises Lenny when he shows up. He invites her to look through the door and asks questions about the Greenland Prime Minister. He's not thrilled.

Greenland's Prime Minister is fangirling over the Pope. She gives him gifts. He has a gift for her. It's a cross.

They talk about the small Catholic community in Greenland. He gives her a history lesson, claiming the Catholic church arrived in Greenland before Christopher Columbus. She agrees with everything. 

He tells her that maybe God is under all that ice. It leaves her speechless. Is he for real? An aide brings out a record player. It's the Italian singer from Greenland. Elder cardinal covers his face with his hand. He cannot believe it.

Lenny is walking in the gardens and he sees Ester in a pool. She's there purposely to seduce him. She's praying with him. 

A helicopter comes with the remains of Sister Siri's sister. As they take the coffin to the cemetery, Ester walks with Lenny. She asks him to teach her how to pray so they break off from the procession and go to the Madonna in the Woods and get on their knees to pray.

Lenny is telling Siri to stop crying over her dead sister.

Voiello gives Lenny a gift of cigars before asking him when the speech to the Cardinals will take place.

He wants to root out the homosexuals and prevent gay priests from entering the church. He thinks it would help with pedophilia.

Lenny wants to know how Voiello came to the Church. His calling wasn't very divine, he just wanted to be. Voiello asks him about his calling and Lenny goes into his room.

Ester walks into her apartment and finds Voiello there. He wants to know why she hasn't seduced him yet. He lies to her that he's had dozens of girlfriends and calls him a "loose" man.

The farmer from the beginning is giving an interview. He talks about healings. He has a spokesperson.  It's apparent that he's lying. he's upset because the Church refuses to recognize his abilities, so he directly appeals to the television to be recognized.

Lenny is indeed watching.

Lenny is walking in the gardens again. he's wearing a track suit. He sees the kangaroo. He tells it to jump and it just stares at him.

Lenny is on the roof with Tomasso. Tomasso is telling him about how cardinals are recounting their exploits with women. Someone knows he's supplying information to the Pope.

Voiello is talking to his charge, Girolamo. He confesses all his sins to the boy.

Lenny is talking with Tommaso. They part ways. Ester is talking with her husband. She wants to have sex. They do it in front of the window and Lenny walks by and sees them, smiling. He gets down and prays for them to get pregnant. His you must's" coincide with their thrusting.

She sees him out there.

Lenny decides to send Gutierrez to investigate the priest abuse case in NY. (Kurtwell) He's afraid to go because he's never traveled before. 

Gutierrez prays and has a vision of a living Madonna. She tells him to be calm, not afraid.

Lenny is listening to the record player again.

The Greenland Prime Minister is dancing.


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