Lenny - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 1
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Lenny Belardo has a nightmare about being Pope. He wakes up, gets dressed, talks to his handlers about his nightmare. Demands a Cherry Coke Zero for breakfast. Yells at one of the women for being too friendly to him.

Some of the cardinals don't like Lenny. The priest who mentored Lenny tries to kill himself, but is stopped by  nuns.

Lenny is at confession, but has nothing to confess. His conscience does not accuse him of anything.

He asks Tomasso, the guy who took his confession, to do something for him.

Lenny goes outside to greet Sister Mary who raised him in the orphanage. He has flashbacks to being left at the orphanage.

She's going to live near him and be his closest advisor.

Cardinal Voiello is Secretary of State and gives him information about his office, including the button under his desk. He wants to know when he will be giving his first speech to the public.

Lenny, aka Pope Pius XIII, says his first pressing issue is that he wants a cup of American coffee and he wants the Cardinal to make it.

Lenny pushes the button and kicks Voiello out.

The Pope walks in the bowels of the Vatican and comes the museum where the Pieta statue is. He meets with Fr. Gutierrez. He gossips with the Pope. 

He goes back to Fr. Tomasso and tells him he wants to know all the sins of the priests from confession. He tells him he doesn't believe in God, but then retracts and says he was only kidding.


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The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

There by the big dipper. That's where God lives.


Lenny: I will never get over my aversion to tourists.
Gutierrez: Why is that Holy Father?
Lenny: Because they are just passing through.