Lenny's Distraction - The Young Pope
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Voiello meets with the Cardinal Caltanissetta to talk about taking down Lenny, but decides not to use the photos of Lenny and Ester because it would destroy the Church.

Sister Mary meets with Fr. Tomasso. He tells her that the Pope doesn't believe in God.

Lenny is going through his gifts and finds the part of his pipe that was missing. He believes his parents sent it.

Lenny's "mother" comes out of a pyramid of bones, meets up with his father and they greet him on the Vatican grounds. This is a dream/vision. 

Sister Mary meets with Voiello.  She tells him that the Pope is experiencing a moment of weakness and that they should get things done now that he's distracted. 

Voiello meets with Spencer and Caltanissetta to discuss Lenny and what to do about him and the state of the church. They look out onto the gardens and see the Lenny pushing Ester's baby. Caltanissetta tells Spencer he'll be the new pope if they get rid of Lenny.

Sister Mary is praying about her deception of Lenny.

Andrew is at a party with lots of women. He's obviously drunk and looks at himself in the mirror. When he leaves the bathroom a woman comes in and throws herself at her. He tries to resist her and starts laughing like a crazy person. She puts her clothes back on and leaves. Turns out it was her party. She has a driver return him to the Vatican. The driver tries to rape him, bu the pushes him off and then throws him out of hte car.

Flashback to Lenny smelling his mother at a park.

Sister Mary tells Lenny that his "parents" will be at the Vatican soon. She encourages him to do work to pass the time until they get there. He starts signing things blindly.

His "parents" arrive. They stare at each other for a while. Lenny quetions his "father" about the pipe. He gets his answer and then goes to his mother and starts sniffing her and claims they are not his parents. He orders them expelled. He's very upset.

Lenny is on the balcony with Andrew. He tries to appeal to Lenny about gay priests. He talks about Angelo the priest he was having an affair with who killed himself because he couldn't become a priest. He tells Lenny he wants to go back to Honduras.

Lenny is asking Fr. Tomasso who is sending the fake parents, Tomasso refuses to tell him anything else. Tomasso says it's because he doesn't believe in God.

Andrew told Sister Mary he's leaving and she cries.

Ester and hubby are watching TV as the Pope is holding their baby. He goes to change the baby's poopy diaper. The baby brings him jooy.

Voiello is on a beach with his charge. He is having dinner with Lenny. Lenny swiches plates to make sure he's not being poisoned. He asks Voiello who organized the fake parents, but Voiello won't give up Sister Mary. He makes things up. Lenny calls him out on signing documents. Voiello brings up Angelo Sanchez. He says Lenny was responsible for the boy's death.

Andrew leaves the Vatican for Honduras.

Lenny tells Spencer he's a failure and is going to resign. Spencer says nothing.

Andrew arrives in Honduras and his girlfriend tells him her husband knows. He get sin the car. The drug lord is talking to him. They are an empty road. The narco talks about respect and disrespect. He's deciding whther or not to kill him for sleeping with his wife. 

Spencer is imagining being Pope.

Lenny tells Sister Mary he's going to resign. She tells him not to.

Lenny walks in the gardens. 

The  narcos driver dumps Andrew's body on the side of he road.

Lenny walks and ends up at the Black Madonna. A young girl is there. Is it a vision?




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The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Everyone is afraid of you.

Sister Mary

It's not harder to become a priest than it is to become an astronaut.