The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Moments of Weakness

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Doubting oneself is universal. So is it any surprise that Lenny would have doubts about himself and his abilities?

On The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 7, Lenny's doubts are so deep they cause him to consider resigning his position. 

With Baby -TYP 7

Sister Mary is an evil woman. She claims to love Lenny, yet she plays mind games with him. 

Instead of just giving him the missing piece of pipe that he dropped when he was a child, she used it to manipulate him. Not only did she sneak the pipe into his gift box, she orchestrated a meeting with fake parents.

Her idea that finally meeting his parents would give him peace and perhaps change him into the kind of Pope she, Voiello and the others thought he would be.

She's a hypocrite, a liar, and a bad Catholic.

Does she really think getting down on her knees and begging for forgiveness is going to help her. Has she become some sort of a Born Again Christian thinking that every time she does some sort of manipulative act all she has to do is pray and her sins will be forgiven?

Is really how it works?

How I wish Lenny would have exploded at her for doing what she did. How could he have so easily forgiven her for manipulating him the way she did?

It's time to speak the truth. Pius XIII is a total failure. I'm going to resign, Michael.


I was expecting him to be crushed by her betrayal. Not thanking her for giving him a modicum of hope. How can he even still think she's on his side? 

In her convoluted mind, she probably does think she's on his side. But seriously, what kind of person hires people to pretend to someone's parents? Especially knowing how much it bothers him that his parents left him?

It's cruel.

Maybe if Sister Mary would have given him the missing pipe when he returned to the orphanage after running away, he would be a different person. Instead, she probably kept it as some form of punishment.

walking - typ

Sure, he'd probably still feel empty because his parents left him, but he'd still have something to hold on to. He wouldn't have lost as much as thought he had.

He probably has guilt for losing part of something that his father gave him. He's been searching for it and searching for it, like he's been searching for God. 

Did she ever just sit down and talk with him about what  his parents had done? That it wasn't his fault? That he was an innocent child and a victim of irresponsible parents?

As it turns out, he's still a victim of irresponsible "parents." Those being Spencer and Sister Mary.

Lenny Smoking - TYP

I was so glad that Lenny realized he was signing papers while in lala land and there was something fishy about it. It's just unfortunate that he never once thought to question if Sister Mary was involved. He trusts her so much.

Despite everything, Lenny is starting to realize that maybe the way he's doing things isn't necessarily the right way. Unfortunately, instead of changing his ways, he thinks the only thing he can do is resign.

Sister Mary doesn't want him to, trying to convince him that he can be a good Pope. Spencer can't wait for it to happen, even having fantasies about the crowds rejoicing at his papacy.

But what will Lenny decide? 

There are several things at play at the moment. 

If he leaves will he still be able to be part of Ester's child's life? Baby Pius is about the only thing that brings him happiness these days.

He loves that little boy as much as it were his own. If he resigns will he still be able to be part of the the boy's life?

The other thing at play is Andrew.

What will happen when he learns of his murder? Will he blame himself for pushing Andrew away? Had he softened on his stance, perhaps Andrew wouldn't have left.

But, what would Lenny think if he knew the truth about Andrew?

I don't necessarily feel sorry for the guy. He was sleeping with a drug kingpin's woman. He was stepping into dangerous territory. Did he really think he'd never get caught.

He should have just turned around and gone back into the airport when she told him her husband knew. Did he get in the car because he had no choice or because he was cocky.


If I was told what he was told, I would never have gotten into the car.

It's unfortunate that he was killed, but it wasn't unexpected. Not at that point.

What is unfortunate is how Lenny will take the news. 

Will this push him over the edge? Or will this make him more resolute to push the church even farther into the dark ages? Or will this loosen him up and force him to the middle ground?

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Seventh Episode Review

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Everyone is afraid of you.

Sister Mary

It's not harder to become a priest than it is to become an astronaut.