On This Is Us Season 4 Episode 5, Rebecca throws a dinner party in honor of Kevin and Sophie's marriage.

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On This Is Us Season 4 Episode 5, Rebecca is determined to make her family happy again by throwing her first dinner party in her new home. Preparing for the party makes her remember when she and Jack tried to make dinner for the first time after moving into a new place when she was pregnant, plus Kate is not happy about Kevin's marriage to Sophie or Rebecca's desire to normalize it.

Randall is anxious during the party, while things are made more awkward when Kate's boyfriend from the record store, Mark, shows up. Kevin and Randall don't like Mark and Kate resents that Kevin didn't tell her he was getting married. Their loud argument carries over into the dining room and Rebecca comes in and tells them to stop.

Meanwhile, in the present, Toby and Kate get word that Randall has sent them something that is going to be delivered today, while Randall and Beth have problems of their own to deal with after Tess has a panic attack at school and Randall bails on another meeting with a councilman to deal with it.

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On This Is Us Season 4 Episode 5, Kevin tries to support those around him while Randall faces concerns about how his family is adjusting to their new home.

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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Randall: Hey Dej! What kind of cereal do you want?
Deja: You think cereal will make me forget that you treat me like a child who can't decide who to date?

Rebecca: How'd you sleep?
Kate: Weird. I kept waking up and forgetting where I was.