Family Connection - Time After Time
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At Vanessa Anders’ home, H.G. Wells is frantic to save Jane Walker from Dr. John Stevenson, aka Jack the Ripper, but instead, is given a letter he allegedly gave Vanessa in her freshman year in college which simply states “It’s true, H.G., don’t be daft. Believe it. – H.G.” with a mysterious symbol at the end. Anders’ assistant has brought Jane’s phone in case Stevenson tries to contact them.
Stevenson has taken Jane to the home of another would-be victim, Julia. When she tries to refuse to help him contact Wells, he threatens to kill Julia. Calling Jane’s cel phone, he tells Wells to meet him in Central Park with the key the next day. As he hangs up, Jane hits him over the head with a heavy candy dish, knocking him out. She unties Julia and the two run out only to be caught on the stairs and forced back to the apartment.
The next morning, Wells meet Anders’ husband, Griffin Monroe, a senator running for re-election who doesn’t know about his wife’s time-traveling ancestor. When he’s gone, a plan is formulated to capture Stevenson in Central Park and save Jane Walker.
While tending Jane’s injured arm, Stevenson is drawn into a conversation about why he kills and why he targeted prostitutes. He wonders how she knows so much about him and she is surprised that he hasn’t learned to Google himself yet. Stevenson is intrigued to learn that “Jack the Ripper” is infamous but infuriated that he, John Stevenson, was never credited with the killings. 
At the Central Park meeting place, the plan goes awry when Anders’ muscle jumps Stevenson and sends him running into the crowd, slashing at people with his knife. Wells blames Vanessa and her men for possibly causing Jane’s death and leaves, forbidding them to follow him. Despite her promise not to have him followed, Wells catches a large man doing just that. Confronted, the stranger denies it and calls him a freak before walking away.
Stevenson returns to Julia’s apartment and throws a tantrum, deciding finally to use the time machine to leave this time period even without the key. Jane tries to convince him that he doesn’t actually want to kill, that he must hate the part of him that is Jack the Ripper, but Stevenson shoves her out of his way in his rush to kill the captive Julia.
Using Jane to gain access to the time machine at the museum, Stevenson is confronted by Wells who offers up the key in exchange for his hostage. Moving quickly, he gets the key and jumps in the machine but Wells rips out several input cables and manages to keep the machine from traveling. Another scuffle ensues with museum security jumping in with a stun gun but Stevenson gets away.
Vanessa brings Jane and Wells back to her home after Stevenson phones in to let him know that he is going to continue to kill women until he gets the key and the time machine. Vanessa reveals to Wells that she had his blood analyzed from the shirt he bled on when he was first brought to her house and they are family. Having lost her parents as a child, she is incredibly happy to have family in her life.
After a brief conversation with Vanessa’s husband who is still completely in the dark about him, Wells checks in on Jane and shares some of the information he has learned over the last few days. Jane is recovering well from her ordeal and assures Wells that this adventure has not ruined her life, that he being in her life is a big deal that he should never be sorry for.
Stevenson is hanging out at another bar with another victim, nursing his ego and philosophizing on the nature of humanity. Unbeknownst to him, he’s being monitored and photographed from a distance by the same thug who was following Wells earlier. Stevenson leaves with his new lady friend and the thug goes home where he stows his gun and examines a wall devoted to H.G. Wells and the two time travelers.
Time After Time
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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You know why I kill? Because the only thing more fulfilling than saving a life is taking one. The instant sensation, the release it brings, that slakes my thirst.


I see why H.G. is so taken with you. You are both filled with the same idealistic rubbish. I am exactly who I want to be.