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After Jessica steals the Lifeboat and kidnaps Jiya, Wyatt admits he had doubts about her because her brother didn't die from leukemia thanks to a miracle surgery. Emma takes offense that she wasn't consulted about the plan to steal the Lifeboat. Jiya strangles her guard with a rolled-up sheet. Jiya, still drugged, escapes with the Lifeboat, as Emma shoots at her. But because the Lifeboat got damaged, Jiya is lost in time. Connor figures she will communicate through periodicals of that time, and Lucy finds a photo of Jiya in one of her history books, in Chinatown in 1888. She posted a message in Klingon to tell them where she stashed the Lifeboat. Rufus and Connor find it, overgrown with brush. The Mothership has also gone back to 1888. The team finds the right photo studio, but Emma, Jessica, Carol and Nicholas are there already. Emma aims to shoot Lucy, but Carol interferes. Then Emma shoots Carol and kills Nicholas. Wyatt chases Jessica, and Flynn chases Emma. The dying Carol tries to convince Lucy to embrace her Rittenhouse legacy. Jessica tells Wyatt she was raised by Rittenhouse and she is pregnant. The girl at the studio takes Rufus to see Jiya, at the saloon where she is a card dealer. Jiya tells Rufus that the saloon is where he dies, stabbed by a Rittenhouse goon. Emma and her team arrives at the saloon, and a firefight starts. Flynn wings Jessica. Jiya shoots the goon that tries to stab Rufus. Emma kills Rufus and shoots Flynn when they leave. Lucy and Flynn go after Emma. Lucy shoots Emma but runs out of bullets, then Emma gets the upper hand until Flynn arrives. Back in the future, a second Lifeboat appears with Future Wyatt and Lucy, who offer a chance to get back Rufus. 

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Timeless Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Why, Jessica? We're friends. We watched an entire season of "Vanderpump Rules" together.

Jiya [to Jessica]

Flynn [to Wyatt]: Let me just hum this out: Jessica was screwing you, she lied about being pregnant, then she wraps you around her finger, just long enough so she could screw us too.