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-Martin gets a letter from Chief Medical Examiner. They've hit the end point for trying to identify victims remains and were unable to identify Sarah's DNA in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

-Martin takes Jake to the cemetery where he runs into Bobby, a man who knew Sarah.  Jake and Martin follows their lost kite and it leads them to Bobby's apartment.

-Bobby tells Martin that Sarah tutored him for his GED and he named his daughter after her. In the apartment, Jake wanders out to the fire escape to find his kite.  Bobby saves him before he falls.

-In Iraq, Abdul convinces the soldiers to give his band a chance to perform but their amp is broken.  He e-mails a guy in the states about how many volts the amp should use.  As the man types in 50 volts, Jake knocks out his satellite connection and he accidentally hits 950 instead.

-The soldiers, including Lt. Laura Davis are ambushed shortly after and Laura and Shea are wounded and trapped in the desert.  Their unit can't find them.

-Abdul's amplifier blows out the power for most of the city.  A transformer in the desert explodes and the light allows the soldiers to find their wounded comrades.

-The man who carried Sarah down 31 flights before leaving her body in the stairwell enters a church and is befriended by Pastor Steve.  The two discuss how lost they both feel when they fall down the church basement steps and are injured.  The lottery winner decided to help with the church renovation.

-Pastor Steve gets a phone call from Laura who is about to have surgery after getting flown to Germany.  She tells him his words about taking things one footstep at a time helped save her and her fellow soldier.  Steve leaves his church to be with her in Germany.

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Touch Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I wanted to be able to look up in the sky and know where Sarah was when the buildings came down.


Human begins are hard wired with the impulses to share our idea.