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Rachel calls her mom to get to her dad. No dice. 

Chet shoots footage to win an Emmy.Crystal wants to blow him, but he can’t get hard without Viagra.

Quinn instructs Rachel to destroy August before he destroys Quinn.

Everlasting group date in the wilderness -- Owen's first to the finish line, but Jasper scores the date.

Rachel hires an actress to claim August assaulted her. Rach warns Charlie to watch out for Jeremy.

Gary disrespects Quinn, cancels her pitch. Quinn fires back at Gary, shutting down production. 

Quinn catches Madison on her computer, calla her a snake. Maddy admits to stealing Gary’s email password. 

Rachel confronts her dad about the rape. RG's mom convinced him going public would be bad for their Rach.

Rachel rescues dad from her mother’s captivity and over-medication. Takes him to stay with her on set!

Owen tells August about Jasper’s bet. Jasper is already naked with Serena.They make love. 

Gary comes on set to fire Quinn. Surprise! Quinn turns it around --she knows he’s been hiding profits.  

Boom! Madison screws Gary!

Quinn being bad turns Chet on, but Quinn rejects him.

August tells Serena about Jasper’s bet.

Serena announces, "From now on, the only rules are the rules I make."

Jasper runs after Serena. She knows about the bet and he lost!

Control room celebration! To taking Gary down! To Passport To Dance!

Rachel plans to help dad withdraw from lithium in her truck! What?!

Alexi corners Jay for MORE cocaine. Blows Jay!

Rachel bonds with her dad. They say I love you.

From his office, Dr. Simon watches the live video feed of a camera...inside Rachel’s grip truck!!

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Gestalt Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Quinn:So you are going to get off my back for the rest of the season. Then we can start with Passport To Dance and I want four other shows in development.
Gary: Well what am I supposed to say to that?
Quinn: Thank you for the opportunity, Quinn.
Gary: Thank you for the opportunity, Quinn.

I know about the bet. By the way, you lost. I slept with the jockey night one!