Making Things Right - Transplant
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Bash and Amira are evicted for not making rent. His check bounced because he took a payday loan and they took more interest from his account than expected. Bash can't get the money. Theo let's him and Amira move in.

Theo's wife comes in to visit him.

Mr. Watson refuses to have Bash as his doctor due to his race, so he has Theo sub for him. He needs surgery but doesn't want anyone but Theo to do it even though it isn't his specialty.

Lou brings his son Henri to work with him. June wants to meet him.

Mr. Shao speaks a Chinese dialect called Wenzhou. He was on an international flight. Mags worries he may have brought in something contagious. The blood-work shows he has leukemia. They can't tell him because they haven't found a translator yet. There's an abscess on his brain, a complication brought on by the infection. He needs surgery.

Mr. Shao gives a paper with a name and address and says daughter. When they find the woman, Harmony, she says that he isn't her father. She's adopted. They had to give her up because of the one child law.

Mags and Bash clash on how to treat Mr. Shao. She was right. He needs surgery.

June treats Selena, who has CIPA, a rare genetic disorder. She doesn't feel heat/cold/pain, she doesn't know if she vomitted because she's hungover or because something is wrong. There's a possible infection, but Selena doesn't want her mom to know and make her move home. She needs to have emergency appendix surgery.

Claire tells Dr. Bishop tthat she left her husband, Eric, but she needs to figure out her life so she can't be with him.

Dr. Bishop's meets his son Jonah for lunch.

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Transplant Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Claire: I have something to tell you.
Dr. Bishop: Mm-hmm.
Claire: I left Eric.
Dr. Bishop: You left your husband?
Claire: A few months ago.
Dr. Bishop: A few months ago? And you didn't say anything?
Claire: Well, it wasn't about you. And I need some time to figure out my life on my own.

Theo: You're supposed to be asleep!
Mel: You're the on working today. I should be making breakfast for you.
Theo: No, no. When my wife visits me with a trip to Toronto, I get to spoil her. Those are the rules, baby. Two nights, no kids, no bedtimes, no tantrums. Just uh, me tyime for Mel. Mel time.