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Bash and Claire are concerned about Dr. Bishop's health and vision.

June discovers a man unconscious in the waiting area. His name is Neil. They find no family for him but discover a tumor. It's spread far and is connected to too many organs. Singh gives him a week. June arranges a special surgery for him because he's alone with nobody to advocate for him.

Theo treats a returning patient with cystic fibrosis. His name is Finn. Theo finds that he has pneumonia. The family wants to talk about options, but they have none. Finn is going to die. He chooses to do so at home.

Bash and Mags work on Sonja's case. Her spleen won't stop bleeding after the rupture Dr. Bishop and Bash caused. They need to remove it. She starts to seize for an unknown reason when they are prepping her to have her spleen removed. They can't remove it until they know what else is wrong with her. They realize she has Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). It caused her chronic back pain, spider veins, and other issues. She starts to crash, and they can't get an OR so they remove the spleen in Trauma. 

Dr. Bishop's arm goes numb and he collapses. Bash is with him and tries to help. He's comatose. The neurologist doesn't think he'll come out of this and tells Claire as much.

Bash blames himself for Dr. Bishop. He keeps flashing back to his parents' death and being unable to save them. He tells and unconscious what happened with his father, and Dr. Bishop wakes up.

Bash and Amira have a heart-to-heart.

Claire calls Dr. Bishop's son. Dr. Bishop still isn't talking, but he's awake.

Singh suggests June apply for Chief Resident.

Someone Bash and Amira thought dead shows up at the hospital.

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Transplant Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Bash: Can you think of anything, any symptoms or underlying medical conditions that she's been diagnosed with?
Mags: Or any injuries she's sustained, even going back years?
Jason: Sonja and I met when we were 18. I knew everything there was to know about her for the longest time. She was always basically healthy. Until her back pain, her addiction. I love her. And I want my wife back.

Claire: Jed. I asked you if the nausea was normal and nothing to be concerned about. You said yes. Then I asked you if the dizziness was normal, and you said yes. Now, if neither of those were true, you have to tell me right now. Because what happened last night in the trauma bay, Bash is now on the hook, a patient's life is at risk, and if it's because you are not taking care of yourself --
Dr. Bishop: Alright, Claire! Alright! I couldn't ... I couldn't see the damn monitor. It went foggy.
Claire: Okay, how long has this been going on? Have symptoms been getting worse and you've just been lying about it?
Dr. Bishop: No, I haven't in ... The nausea's normal. The headaches too, but this, these, lapses in vision I wasn't expecting. I haven't been lying to you. Maybe I've been lying to myself.