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Isabella comes over with her human boyfriend, Hugo, to offer his assistance in Sookie's plan to go to the Fellowship of the Sun undercover.  The two of them go undercover as an engaged couple looking for a Church to get married in.  Sarah comes out to personally greet them and they go on a tour with her and Steve.  Sookie reads Steve's mind and realizes they know who she is, but it's too late.  They're lead down to the basement and forced down there by a large bodyguard, while Sarah seems angry at the idea.

Meanwhile, Eric brings back Bill's maker / ex-girlfriend, Lorena, to try and get her to get back together with Bill, so that he can have Sookie all to himself.  We cut to a 1926 flashback in Chicago to see how violent Bill and Lorena were when they were together as they slaughter a couple together.  Lorena eventually comes to Bill's and pins him down on the bed while he attempts to escape to rescue Sookie from the Newlins.  Apparently a make can always overpower her creation physically.

Previously at the Fellowship of the Sun, Jason and the Lukinator were put on duty to build some platform Steve plans on using to burn a vampire in the sun while the congregation watches.  Sick.  When he completes, Jason goes to tell Sarah, who ends up jumping him saying it's what God wants.  Silly dumb Jason goes for it... cause you know, it's what God wants.

Poor Hoty finds out his cell phone was diconnected by his mother because she doesn't approve of him dating a woman that calls him all hours of the night.  Hoyt tells her he's dating a vampire and that's why she calls at night.  He heads off to Dallas and surprises Jessica in person.

Even sadder is the traumatized Lafayette that gets yelled at by Andy as he's being investigated.  He flashes back to Eric yelling at him in the dungeon and he hides in the corner crying where Terry comes to comfort him.  Soon, Pam comes in and demands Lafayette start selling V juice again that they provide.  As much as he refuses, he really has no choice.

At Sookie's house, Maryann is very bitter without her hot shower.  Tara and Eggs go off on a mission to get a part to fix the water heater and along the way, Eggs makes her stop at some random spot and walk two miles until they find the spot loaded with bloody clothing and rocks.  Eggs has no idea why he remembers the place or what happened there.    They return back to find the house trashed and clothes everywhere.  They follow the trail of clothing to find Maryann having another orgy.

Sam and Daphne continue to grow closer in their relationship and decided to take off on another one of their animal wandering adventures.  Along the way we see that Daphne turns into a pig, her go to animal, and poor Andy spots her and goes back into another one of his crazy pig rants.  When Sam goes to ask her about it, she takes him to Maryann's orgy party.  Sam seems to be the only one without black eyes (sign of being under control), and Maryann puts on her minotaur helmet and goes after Sam with a knife....cut to credits.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Tara: Want me to take a look [at the water heater] and you can hold the line?
Eggs: See that was some spiteful shit you just said there. I got this.
I'm the man of the house. No offense, Carl..
Carl: None taken

Lorena: Why am I here?
Eric: We want the same thing, you and I.
Lorena: For a vampire, you are a terrible liar.