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Sookie, still in Dallas, catches up with fellow telepath Barry and attempts to get some answers.  Unfortunately all she learns is that Barry has never meant another telepath, they can get inside each others' heads, and neither can be glamored.  She tries to teach Barry how to block other peooples' thoughts but it's too much for him. She attempts to talk to him the next day again only to find he's quit the hotel.

Sookie then heads with Bill and Eric to the vampire lair to discuss the missing Godric.  While there, we learn why Eric cares so much about Godric.  Through a flashback, we learn that Godric is Eric's maker.  We also learn that although Godric's people would like to go to war against the suspects, the Light of Day, Sookie thinks there's a traitor among them.  Sookie ends up agreeing to go undercover to the LOD and figure out who's double crossing Godric's people.

Sam, meanwhile, goes chasing after Daphne through the forest as they both strip down only to find Daphne turned into a Deer!  The two of them spend some time bonding over being shapeshifters.  Daphne reveals she's met other shifters before and talks about some of the things they have in common such as higher body temperature.  Later, Lafayette comes into Merlotte's asking for his job back and gets it.

Maryann gets kicked out of her ridiculously nice house she was living in and asks to move in with Tara.  Tara, initially refuses, but Maryann later follows her to work and uses her power to make everyone go crazy and be mean to Tara.  A depressed Tara ends up telling Maryann she can move in with her.

Jason is busy at a crazy Light of Day training program for the new elite force he's joining.  Afterwards, Sarah and Steve have a big fight and Steve takes Jason with him to see their weapons collection in the closet.  An angry Sarah decides to reward Jason for all his hard work in her own way... while he's in the tub.. naked.  If you catch where we're going with this.

At the end of the episode, Sookie and Bill start to get it on as we see a crazy female vampire listening in flashing her fangs.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Sarah: I think that after all your trials, heart ache and pain. God wants you to have a reward
Jason: You sure?
Sarah: Let me reward you, Jason. Let me help you find your way back to joy

Look if ya'll argue anymore I'm either gonna fall asleep or start screaming