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We flash back a few seconds to Luke entering Godric's lair, where he blows himself up with a bomb of silver strapped to his chest.  After the bomb detonates, there are several injured vampires and a few dead ones, including one of Godric's lieutenants, Stan.  Bill, who was outside telling Lorena she's dead to him, chases after the remaining Fellowship members and ends up sparing one of their lives. Eric manages to block Sookie from the explosion, and tricks her into sucking the silver out of his chest to save him.  As a result, Eric can now sense her emotions and she even finds him sexually attractive, as proven by a fantasy she has about him.  Bill is extremely angry at Eric for tricking Sookie and even punches him.

After the bombing, the Vampire television diplomat comes to ream out Godric and ask him to step down from his position for all the negative publicity he and his lieutenant Stan have caused.  Godric asks that Isabel be put in his place and apologizes and gladly steps down.  He has given up on life and heads to the rooftop to wait until dawn to kill himself in the sun.  Eric tries to talk him out of it and cries as he realizes there is no saving his master.  Sookie, having been rescued from rape by Godric, goes to spend his final moments with him.  He's very touched that he gets to see a human cry for him in the end and the sun takes his life.

Maryann comes to get Sam from the prison by putting the sheriff to sleep and stealing his keys.  However, as she gets in the back she finds she's too late, he has turned into a fly and escaped.  Maryann frees the rest of the prisoners and heads to Merlotte's to find him.  Back at Sookie's house, Lafayette and Lettie Mae come to rescue Tara from her abusive boyfriend and crazy Maryann.  Tara refuses to leave and Maryann and Eggs try to get her to stay as well, including turning her eyes black.  Lafayette storms in, beats the crap out of Eggs, and throws Tara over his shoulder escaping with our cool.  Geesh, could Lafayette be any more bad ass?  Sam ends up going to Andy's apartment at the end.

Hoyt decides to take Jessica to meet his mother to try and get her to approve.  Jessica does a great job trying to impress her, but in the end his mother cannot get over one issue... they can never have children together.  Honestly, nothing we ever thought of with vampires.  Good call.  Jessica runs out of the bar crying and Hoyt chases after her, but before he leaves, he tells his mother he's moving out.

Oh and there was some horribly cheesy scene involving Sookie and Jason bonding and talking about being the only remaining family.  The only thing more painful than watching it would be recapping it.

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True Blood Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I can't, it's too gross and it's you


Godric: Father, brother, son... Let me go.
Eric: I won't let you die alone.