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On this episode of True Blood...

- Bill discovers that Portia is his great, great, great granddaughter. Yikes! So much for that relationship.

He also insists on searching Sookie's house for Eric because he can't find him anywhere, but she talks him out of it by claiming she's never lied to him. But this is the first time: Eric is downstairs, as cute and as innocent as ever. He nearly kissed her, in fact, before Bill came to the door.

- Alcide tells Debbie has helped Sookie find Eric. Debbie acts all cool with it, but we doubt she is.

- Arlene's baby freaks her out by writing "Baby Not Yours" on the wall, referring to Terry.

- Jason escapes from Hotshot, but collapses on the side of the road. He gets saved by Jessica, who gives him her blood.

- Lafayette, Tara and Jesus pressure Marnie to reverse Eric's spell. She finds a book that appears to be able to do it - after viewers watch her flashback, while asleep, to the town murder of the witch she now apparently can summon - and takes them to a clearing, along with Pam. But she gets taken over by that witch instead and essentially burns Pam's face off. She runs away screaming, as Marnie falls to the ground to close the episode.

True Blood
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