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On True Blood this week...

- Bill revived a fallen Sookie with his blood.

- Nan forced Bill to speak at an event meant to unite humans and vampires. But Antonia had her own plans: with Eric under her spell, the witch had him attack a number of attendees at the gathering. As he set his sights on Bill, Sookie - who was alerted to the planned attack by Tara - screamed to her ex-lover: RUN!

- Jessica and Jason had sex in the back of his truck.

- Sookie had a dream in which she told Bill and Eric she wanted them both and would only be happy if they were all just together and in love.

- Under the guise of his brother, Tommy met up with Marcus. He received a major beating from the werewolves, only for Alcide to step in when things got too rough. They all then freaked out when Tommy changed back to himself.

- A lot of time was spent with Lafayette, who had Arlene's baby and was taken over by that slave from centuries ago. Eventually, Jesus came in and was able to rectify the situation, as all present actually saw the spirit leave Lafayette's body, taking her dead baby with her.

True Blood
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True Blood Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Bill: We can pray.
Alcide: Werewolf and a vampire? Who's gonna listen?

There have been times, I'll admit, where it's occurred to me that maybe I should put my career on hold and become a maker. But these last few hours here with you have erased those doubts forever.