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On this installment of True Blood...

- Bill took control and told Nan how it was gonna be: they are going after Marnie/Antonia no matter what it takes. He figured she was killed 400 years ago with fire, so why not try the same here? The episode ended with a cool shot of Bill, Jess, Pam and Eric making their way to Moon Goddess in order to blow it up, humans inside be damned.

- Oh, and Eric got his memory back as a result of Sookie using her power on him earlier in the episode. Still, he said he remembered everything about Sookie and still loved her. She broke his heart a bit and said she loved him AND Bill.

- Terry intervened with Andy and got him to admit he needs major help. He also left him in the middle of the woods after they had a nice bonding moment.

- We got inside Marnie's head and learned she was really controlling Antonia, or at least they're working as a team. Marnie wants blood as badly as Antonia does. This was bad news for Jesus, who got inside Moon Goddess and thought he could get through to Marnie.

- Instead, after Holly and Tara tried to escape and Sookie and Lafayette ran to meet them inside the store, Antonia came out and cast some kind of spell to make them disappear. It's safe to assume they're inside the store now, with Bill and company set on blowing it up.

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True Blood Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I am not gonna glamour you just because you don't want to feel guilty.


Jess: We didn't do anything wrong.
Jason: You sure?