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Rust and Marty sit down over some beers and Rust tells Marty his theory about the recent Lake Charles murder. He tries to sell Marty on the idea of some cover up orchestrated by the Tuttle family. Marty doesn't understand why Rust thinks he would want to work with him again after all this time. Rust tells him, they both owe a debt to this case, to find the truth.

Rust takes Marty to a storage unit he has filled with his research on their old case and the man he thinks is still out there and behind many unsolved murders. Marty asks him what happened to Reverend Tuttle. Rust tells him what he has been working on the last two years. How he tracked down an old student from the Shepherd's Flock school who corroborated the stories of abuse to some of the students. He then tells Marty how he broke into Tuttle's homes and uncovered some startling evidence. After seeing a video tape featuring one of their old case victims, Marty agrees to help his old partner out.

Marty visits with Maggie to see how the kids are doing. Maggie seems to think he is saying goodbye. She visits Rust to see if what Marty is involved with is dangerous. Rust blows her off and asks her to leave.

Marty and Rust conduct a series of interviews to try and find out more about Reggie Ledoux and the man with the scars. They also speak with an old associate who they think may have been part of a cover up in the Marie Fontenot case.

True Detective
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True Detective Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Rust: Life's barely long enough to get good at one thing.
Marty: If that long.

I had my time where I wondered if this was all in my head. That time passed.