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Maggie is brought in for questioning and recalls the events of 2002 when Cohle left the force after his partnership with Hart fell apart. Marty confronts the two boys found in the car with his daughter. Cohle investigates missing person cases on his own. Marty goes to but a new phone and runs into a familiar face from his past. Cohle visits the reverend who is no longer running the revival. He tells Cohle about a disturbing folder of pictures he found while working at the Tuttle school. Rust gets a confession out of a mother who killed her children then suggests she kill herself. Rust asks Marty to type up the confession which sparks an argument. Marty tells Rust his is the only person who has ever stuck up for him.  Rust tells Marty that his would be nothing without him.

Rust visits the girl he and Marty rescued from Ledoux's compound. She mentions there were more men than just the two, and notes one in particular that hed scars. He takes his theory of a massive cover up to his boss and is told to not repeat it.

Rust visits Reverend Tuttle at his school to ask about their education initiative. Marty gets a call from Beth, the bunny ranch girl he reconnected with. Maggie goes to Rust's apartment and tells him she knows about Marty's new affair. She and Rust have sex.

Maggie tells Marty about sleeping with his partner and the next day he and Rust fight.

The detectives questioning Marty share their theory that Rust has been up to no good. Marty is flagged down by Rust who says he needs to talk to him.



True Detective
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True Detective Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

A man's game charges a man's price. Take that away from this if nothing else.

Martin Hart

In a former life I used to exhaust myself navigating crude men who thought they were clever. So ask your questions or I'm leaving.

Maggie Hart