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We open with a flashback and the first appearance of Annie K. as a living, breathing activist, rabble-rouser, and midwife.

Previous flashbacks showed us Navarro discovering Annie’s lifeless body, but now we see the two coming face-to-face before the grisly murder that set this season’s story into motion.

Navarro is responding to a warrant. She’s arrived to arrest Annie for vandalizing the mine, but she soon discovers that the activist is performing midwife duties for a local woman in the throes of a difficult delivery.

After helping the baby draw its first breaths, Annie calmly offers herself up for arrest.

It's a scene that contrasts sharply with the one that follows.

We're back at the scene of the corpsicle, where Hank Prior is rounding up a gang of civilians to assist with the hunt for Clark, who is now a suspect.

Navarro doesn't approve of the tactic, and neither, we learn, does Danvers.

At the police station, Danvers is angrily looking over evidence taken from Clark's trailer and insisting that Navarro be temporarily reassigned to help with the investigation.

She reassures Peter Prior, however, that she still hates Navarro.

It's then that Danvers finally tells the younger Prior about the Wheeler case.

Of course, she also lies to him by claiming that the perp was dead by the time the cops got there and that it was the only cause of her rift with Navarro.

After poring over Annie's files, the cops get a break in the form of a hair dye smudge and the revelation that a local hairdresser introduced Annie to the Tsalal men -- including Raymond Clark.

We also learn that the stylist told the cops about Clark, a fact that points to Hank Prior being involved in the coverup.

Danvers and Navarro argue over theories, and it's clear that they're taking very different approaches to the case.

Hank digs into his role as this season's secondary villain (or tertiary, depending on how many killers are still out there) by accusing Danvers of carrying on an inappropriate relationship with Pete.

Meanwhile, the ever-helpful Pete suggests that Danvers use his veterinarian cousin for the forensic work on the corpses, as no medical examiners are available.

Navarro uses her connections to pursue leads on Oliver, agreeing to disclose details about her past to Qavvik in exchange for information.

It's then that Navarro discloses that her mother was murdered, and the case was never solved.

Leah attends a protest with her girlfriend, where she learns the extent of the damage caused by the mine.

And when Navarro slips on the ice, she endures another painful flashback to her combat days.

The news of a stillborn baby brings several issues about the town and its painful past bubbling to the surface.

Then, in rapid succession, there are several breaks in the case, as the veterinarian confirms that the Tsalal men died before they froze, and Navarro exploits her local connections to track down Tagaq.

He's a complex figure -- he knows about Navarro's past, and he's devasted to learn of the Tsalal deaths, but he's unwilling to help the police.

After being run off from Tagaq's hut, the detectives learn that the comatose Tsalal survivor, Dr. Anders Lundt, has awakened.

What follows is one of the most chilling scenes in TD history, as the disfigured Lundt shrieks, "She's awake!" before informing Navarro that her dead mother has inquired about her.

We end with the news that Peter has cracked Annie's phone, which yields a final video taken by a frightened Annie K., who's being pursued by someone -- or something.

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True Detective Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Without the mine, there’s no town. Fifty percent of the population works for it, which means half the people who live here have got a reason to silence Annie K.


We're just not asking the right questions. We will. We'll find it.