Catching a Killer on Truth Be Told
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Poppy is moving on with her life, and her friend Micah returns to town to promote her new book.

There's been a disconnect between them ever since she got a sniff of success.

At her book premiere event, they all realize her husband, Joshua is missing.

As they look for him, Poppy finds him in a pool of blood with a much younger man.

As the police investigates, Micah starts to spiral out of control, leading her down a dark path.

The death is ruled murder-suicide, leading to Poppy asking for information from a friend.

She ultimately joins in on the case because she believes there to be a miscarriage of justice.

She finds that Micah has been getting a lot of hate mail and tries to make sense of it.

Poppy tries to get through to her father that telling his girlfriend is not bad for his life if she knows about his diagnosis.

This causes problems between them.

Poppy is still away from Ingram, but they are slowly starting to get back together. Unfortunately, the new case threatens to tear them apart forever.

A man is seen making a replica of Micah's home. He's clearly obsessed with her.

Truth Be Told (2019)
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Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Police are closing the case.


Micah: You have to help me find out what happened to my husband.
Poppy: Seeking answers is never a straight line.