Micah and Poppy - Truth Be Told (2019)
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Poppy continues her pursuit of answers and she's shocked to learn that Aames has been investigating the Sons of Ivar.

He says there's no way they committed the murder, but he is looking in to it to be on the safe side, something that Poppy is happy about.

Poppy goes to a memorial for Drew after Cydie tells her not to forget about the kid who was killed. She finds Micah's assistant there going into the crime scene and she follows him.

There were photos.

He gives her them and she notices Joshua and Drew have the same birthmark and concludes they were father and son, something her associate corroborates with the rare blood type.

Poppy tells Micah and she melts down at a Shelter event about how her husband did not keep his home in order, leading to an explosive turn of events.

Poppy worries that she's getting too close to the case and that she is not making the right moves to secure the future of everyone.

Sheve tells the family about his condition and it's clear he is not processing it very well. The family says is worried about him.

Cydie takes an extra shift on to take her mind off it and the same man that pursued Ruthie pursues her.

Then, Poppy is served with legal proceedings about a death in the first case.


Truth Be Told (2019)
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Truth Be Told (2019) Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Keep going, don't be shocked on my account.


Person: Poppy?
Cydie: Who's asking?
Person: You've been served.