An Appeal - Turn: Washington's Spies
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Abe fights on the front lines in Virginia and quickly decides that he and fellow spy John Champe must escape immediately.

Back in the Continental Army, General Washington still wants to take a shot at Clinton’s army in New York. However, every one of his advisors recommends that they head South. Maj. Tallmadge finally confronts the General about his blind spot for Benedict Arnold, and Washington throws him out.

Mary discovers that Anne Bates’ contact in New York is none other than Gen. Clinton himself. Anna and Mary decide to feed Anne false information that will get back to Clinton.

Simcoe and Abe finally come face-to-face in front of a clueless Gen. Arnold. Abe expects Simcoe to come after him, and does just that on the battlefield days later. Luckily, Abe’s old friend Caleb is in the woods and shoots Simcoe before he can shoot Abe.

Abe runs toward the shoreline, and he’s relieved when he sees a French ship in the harbor. His relief turns to horror when they do not believe that he has been working as a spy in the British army and take him prisoner.

Back in New York, Rivington discovers that his partner, Townsend, is actually a spy. But all he cares about is profit, so Culper Jr. will likely keep his head.


Turn: Washington's Spies
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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

I was sorry to hear about your father.

Simcoe [to Abe]

I am offering 5000 guineas to any man who brings Benedict Arnold down.

Gen. George Washington