The revolution never ends.

Abe [in letter to his deceased son]

Gen Washington: You are owed much more than this.
Abe: Thank you.
GW: Our country owes its life to heroes whose names it will never know.

Water! Water!

King George III

My legend has yet to be written. I will return to the colonies and I will win.

Benedict Arnold

The only thing I regret is having to be prodded into doing something that my conscience should have dictated.

Townsend (Culper Jr.)

I assure you that the man you knew as John Graves Simcoe is dead and gone.

Maj. Hewlett

They want independence? I'll give them blood"

King George III

This is what mercy tastes like...bittersweet.

Maj. Hewlett [biting into the apple]

Of all the men I have forged from weaklings to warriors, you may have been my greatest creation.

Simcoe [to Msj. Hewlett]

I can't abandon the cause now.

Abe [to his wife]

Caleb [about Simcoe]: Did I kill him?
Abe: Last I saw him he was still drawing breath.

I told you I was coming back.