Fear in Letting Go - Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 15
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Nadine comes to Ed's with a shovel. She tells him that she was wrong and he should be with Norma. He comes to tell Norma but she is with some guy named Walter. 

Norma tells Walter she wants to sell her portion of the diner to spend more time at home with her family. She wants to sell her shares of the other seven restaurants that she is invested in. Norma then comes to Ed and they kiss. 

Evil Cooper is driving in the night  He wants to talk to Phillip and gets brought to a room where he talks to his voice, they reference someone named Judy several times.

Richard follows Evil Cooper and says he knows he is FBI because his mother Audrey had his picture somewhere. The gas station from the possible past and present disappears. 

Steven is hiding with some girl in the woods. He ends up shooting himself.

James comes up to Renee but her husband isn't happy. Him and his friends beat up James and his friend with the glove shoots one and punches the other. 

James gets locked up with that woman and the weird guy.

Cooper eats some chocolate cake. He turns on the TV and realizes something. Then he crawls to the wall outlet where the electricity is calling to him somehow. He puts his fork into the wall. 

The Log Lady calls Hawk and tells him she is dying. He tells the rest of the group that night.

Charlie puts his coat on because they are going to the Roadhouse. Audrey is annoyed with him. She starts to choke him. 

Someone at the Big Bang is very into the music, she starts to crawl into the crowd that is dancing. She starts to yell. 


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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

I've been a selfish bitch all these years.


Don't ever threaten me again.

Evil Cooper