Audrey Returns - Twin Peaks  Season 1 Episode 14
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Diane reveals to the group that she has a half sister named Janey-E and she is married to a guy named Douglas Jones. They are estranged so she doesn't know much, clearly doesn't know that he looks like Cooper. 

Gordon shares his dream that included Monica Bellucci and that brought him back to a scene in the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The mention of Cooper not being Cooper does come up.

The trio in Twin Peaks heads out into the woods, they get to the place they were meant to and find the women from Episode 3. Andy gets taken to the Giant who says he is The Fireman and sees everything that happened and led to this point. He says to protect the woman they found, she ends up in a room with Chad who is arrested and a strange man.

Albert calls Lucy and finally gets in touch with the Sheriff.

James is working security at The Great Northern, on his birthday. He gets told a story by another worker about the Fireman saying he should wear a glove and go to Twin Peaks because that is his destiny. Then James goes inside and hears a noise, that is left to still be seen.

Billy is mentioned again, with Tina's daughter recalling the time she last saw him and how he was bleeding and how quickly he ran off. 

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Hawk: Who ordered just cheese?
Andy: I did.

I am the Fireman.

The Giant