The Past Dictates the Future - Twin Peaks
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Gordon reveals that for 21 years he kept something from Albert, Major Briggs shared with him and Cooper about an entity. Over time it has become Judy, they had a plan to find this entity but then something happened to Major Briggs and Cooper. Before Cooper disappeared, he told Gordon to find him if he disappeared like the others.

They hear the message that Cooper, known as Dougie, left them. They read up on what happened with Dougie, but actually Cooper in the last few months. 

Back in Twin Peaks, in the prison, the blind woman and the weird man both start to make strange noises together.

Ben Horne gets a call that Jerry was found naked in Wyoming and he said that he killed someone, referring to when Richard was killed in front of him. 

Evil Cooper arrives at a location in the woods and then disappears with the electricity. He seems to reappear with The Giant and Major Briggs' floating head. The Giant sees different places within Twin Peaks. Evil Cooper is then transported somewhere else, in front of the Sheriff's Station where the blind woman can sense him.

Andy sees Evil Cooper and thinks he is the real Cooper. He brings him into the station, where he meets Frank and everyone still doesn't suspect anything. It isn't until Andy remembers what he saw in the other world with The Giant that he senses something might happen.

Meanwhile, Chet frees himself out of his cell and points his gun at Andy when he walks in looking for Hawk. The guy with the hand busts out of the cell and knocks Chet out. 

Lucy gets a call from someone and it turns out to be the real Cooper. Evil Cooper tries to kill the Sheriff, but Lucy shoots him in time. Andy brings all the people from the jail to the office. 

The spirits from before start to attack Evil Cooper's body again, just when Cooper appears. A mass emerges from Evil Cooper that appears to be BOB, and attacks Cooper. The guy with the hand realizes his destiny and when BOB attacks him, he punches him out. BOB appeara again but seems to be killed at last by Freddy. 

Cooper puts the ring on Evil Cooper, his body disappears into The Black Lodge. 

Cooper asks for the key to the room at The Great Northern. Gordon arrives and Cooper announces that the past dictates the future. 

The blind woman touches Cooper and then disappears as an object at The Black Lodge, which is actuall Diane. It turns out the blind woman was always Diane, they kiss. 

Cooper then says they are inside a dream and he hopes to see them all again, with Cooper and Diane and Gordon all walking towards something. He opens the door at The Great Northern, but says the others can't follow. 

He meets Mike and they go to the gas station that Evil Cooper went to before, talking to Phillip, who isn't there but his voice comes out from within a wall of smoke. Phillip reminds Cooper about the electricity. 

There is a scene of Laura running off with James on a motercycle, while Leeland watches on from within the house. Cooper appears in this flashback to watch them. Laura sceams and tells James that Bobby killed a guy. James doesn't know what she is talking about and she tells him to open his eyes because there are things he doesn't know. 

Cooper meets Laura in the woods and she asks who he is. It seems like Cooper is saving Laura from what he knows will happen to her, and she doesn't end up killed. 

The next day Laura's body isn't found and her mom stabs her picture.

Cooper is walking through the woods with Laura, then he hears her scream and she isn't behind him.

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You've gone soft in your old age.


Everybody's going to be so happy to see you.