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- Lacey is a pariah at school but she and Danny make a plan for her to attend the soccer party.

- Lacey gets Archie to confess that he framed Danny and poisoned Cole.

- Jo is angry at Lacey and Danny and sleeps with Tyler.

- Rico confesses his love to Jo.

- It turns out the private investigator knew and hurt Regina.

- The PI finds the murder weapon and says Danny's fingerprints are on it.

- Tess calls Vikram and tells him it's time to come home. 

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Yeah let's look forward, cause when you look back that's when you trip over stuff that's like in front of you.


Me? I'm great. No one will get within 10 feet of me, my friends are freezing me out. It's fine.