I'm sorry I'm just a little sensitive to lies right now.


It's always been you Jo.


Jo: When you go through something so awful with someone, it just makes it seem like they're the person who can understand you.
Rico: Yeah, and you push each other away to avoid confronting it but there's like this incredible bond.
Jo: Exactly.

Mrs. Desai please, I mean I came forward for Danny. My dad knows that and so do you.


No matter how angry I get at you, at Jo, it always comes back to the friendship.

Lacey [to Danny]

I want him to prove to you and to the rest of the world that he's not his father.

Jack [about Danny]

Danny: You love Jack.
Karen: I love you more and if Jack needs to go to jail to save you, so be it.
Danny: That is sick. That is a man's life and I'm done with this.

Screw you, you're just pissed that I saw something in Jo that you missed for years.

Charlie [to Danny]

The worst that he could do is tell the truth and maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Jo [about Danny]

Danny: He's good at that. He's good at twisting people like that.
Lacey: So what's he trying to get now?
Danny: I don't know, I just, I think, it might be crazy but I think he wants my life.

How good is this lawyer? Because I'm not letting an innocent man go to jail for something that I did.


I think you did it. Murdered him for the money and the chance to be with his wife.

Kyle [to Jack]

Twisted Quotes

Didn't you hear? I'm a bitch now.


Serita I remember you, you were the one with the facial hair problem in 5th grade.