With Chelsea out of town, Jake drives Charlie and Alan to go to the movies where the boys completely embarass Jake.  Charlie was busy pouring rum into his coke while yelling at the projectionist to focus (Charlie refuses to wear glasses), while Alan busted out some tupperware full of deviled ass-smelling eggs.  Embarassed Jake refused to sit with them, but things really got bad when the two couldn't stop bickering at an ice cream shot within an ear shot of three cute girls from Jake's school.

Jake decided he couldn't handle things anymore and refused to stay at his father's.  The boys tried to work out their issue using an old workbook Alan had from his marriage to Judith with hilarious, but non-working results.  After being newly "healed," the guys went to go try and convince Jake they were better and he could come back, only to fight in front of him.  However, when Judith realized she was going to lose her weekends, her only days of relaxation, she kicked Jake out and sent him with his father.

The name, "For the Sake of the Child," comes from Alan and Charlie agreeing to change for his sake.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Alan: Name three things you would change about me
Charlie: Your personality, your wardrobe and your address
Alan: Thank you
Charlie: Your voice, your face and again your address
Alan: Alright, alright
Charlie: Your haircut, your fruity little workbook and your address
Alan: Just needed three
Charlie: Come on, we're healing. Your cheapness, your smug arrogance, and your address

Charlie: Why can't you just sneak in candy like a normal cheapskate?
Alan: I'm way ahead of you, i still have these left over from last Halloween