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When Chelsea has a little backpain, Alan, as a chiropractor offers to help her and soon suggests a boob reduction.  When Charlie gets word that Alan was the one who brought it up, he kicks him out of the house for a few days as he and Chelsea deal with this issue.  Charlie tries to as caring as any man about to lose his favorite toys could be.  He goes with her to the plastic surgeon's office and even tries motorboating her new cup size in silicon form.  It's just not gonna work for the guy.  

After praying to God, which was amazing to see a "spiritual" side of Charlie, and even breaking down into tears, Chelsea jumps at a patient's cancellation and is in the office the next day.  Charlie makes some off comment about how the lack of boobs will call attention to her big butt and the whole thing is off!

Alan, kicked out of the house, with only a few hundred dollars from Charlie (tee hee), goes to his mother's to crash.  She ends up buying him a new wardrobe and trying to make him a kept man until all the affection sends him running.  Such a perfect Evelyn plan and execution.

Jake, meanwhile, stayed at Charlie's the whole time and probably wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for Berta bringing him in on her bet with Charlie about it.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Charlie: I'll tell you what helps pain, pain pills. In fact, I saw a guy on the news with a nail in his head and thanks to pain pills he was laughing
Alan: What about addiction?
Charlie: That's the least of his problem, he has a nail in his head!

Chelsea: You're staring at them, Alan
Alan: It's okay, I'm almost a doctor