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When Chelsea moves the rest of her things out of the apartment, a devasted Charlie begins his bender and suicide attempts.  Alan tries to get him out of the house and drags him to pick up Jake with him, but eventually Charlie heads out to a strip club and ends up in a Church of all places.  That's where Charlie meets Betsy, a stripper slash part-time maseuse.  Charlie ends up taking Betsy to Vegas where he marries her and brings her back to meet the family. 

Before things can end up too bad for Charlie, Betsy's actual husband shows up looking for his wife.  Apparently Betsy likes to go on these "adventures" and marry random men.  Charlie realizes how badly he needs back Chelsea and goes to win her back by visiting her at her father's.  However, despite pleading and agreeing to even let her change him and offering to forgive her if she runs away and marries someone else, she says they still need time.  Good.  So do we.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Berta: Damnit Charlie, get out of that water!
Alan: We need to go after him.
Berta: Don't look at me! I just ate, I gotta wait a half an hour.
Alan: Well I just took a shower and washed my hair, this is leave in conditioner.
Berta: What about Jake?
Alan: Jake's at this mother's.
Berta: Maybe we should give him a call.
Alan: There's no time!
Charlie [comes back soaking]: Water's really cold.
Alan: Just so you know we were about to come get you.

Berta: Where you going?
Charlie: Out for a swim
Alan: You never go in the water.
Charlie: That's because I'm not a good swimmer.
Alan: You don't think he's gonna?
Berta: I dunno?
Alan: Charlie, stop this!
Berta: Charlie! Come back it's not that bad!
Alan: Come on, Charlie! You still have your family!
Berta: Very smart, now he's sprinting.