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Alan and Charlie return from their hunt for Chelsea, and she's still gone.  Eventually she comes home reveals she stayed after helping Brad clean up.  A jealous Charlie ends up making fun of Brad's dead wife and ends up sleeping on the couch.  The next day, Charlie finds out Chelsea already planned on seeing Brad for another charity the next day, and he gets into a fight with her that sends her packing. 

After spending the day drinking and crying, Charlie decides he wants to win Chelsea back.  Hungover, he takes her call, and decides to meet her for coffee.  After a horrible conversation, in which Chelsea admits attraction for Brad, mostly complains that Charlie needs to be a better person, and ends with Charlie puking on a baby.  For obvious reasons, Chelsea takes off.  Evelyn comes over to visit Charlie and reveals Chelsea called her to tell her the wedding was being postponed.

Goodbye forever to Chelsea?  One could only dream...

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

Jake: We wouldn't have these problems if you put a TV in my room.
Charlie: We wouldn't have these problems if we put a python in your room.
Jake: Touche, douche.

Alan: Well done. You sublimated your anger and came from a place of love. You took the high road.
Charlie: Really, is that what you call it? Cause I call it a complete and total betrayal of my testicles.
Alan: If you've done it as much as I have, you'd call it the high road.