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When Chelsea wants to plan a trip with Charlie to visit her parents in Illinois, he claims to have an appoint that next week and through gueses made by Chelsea, he claims it to be a colonoscopy.  Charlie initially tires to fake the colonoscopy by having Alan drive him, but Chelsea insists she take him.  Right before he goes in for the procedure, Chelsea admits she knew he was lying and flew her parents in to visit them instead.  Charlie returns home with a sore rectum to find his future in-laws in his living room.

Charlie's new father-in-law, Tom (Stacy Keach), appears as homophoebic and bigotted, often accusing both Charlie and Alan of being poofs.  However, when he decides to bond with the boys over some drinks at the bar, he drunkenly reveals himself to be gay himself.  He ends up leaving Chelsea's mother for his old Navy buddy.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Alan: Okay let me see if I got this straight: in order to not spend time with your fiance's parents, you're going to let a doctor snake a camera up your kiester?
Charlie: I'd be willing to let them shoot an IMAX feature.

Charlie: I'm out of baby wipes.
Chelsea: I bought you two boxes of baby wipes.
Charlie: What can I tell you, babies don't crap like this. At least not healthy babies.