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While on an internet date with Louanne (Lilli Berdsell), he ends up punching out a guy, Marcus (Mark Deklin) who comes to hit on his girl.  After spending the night in jail, Charlie and Evelyn agree to split a fancy lawyer to get him out.  The lawyer, Brad (Steven Eckholdt), delivers the news that charges have been dropped.  Chelsea still wants to pay and Brad offers instead for them to donate to his charity.  Charlie agrees and Brad invites them to his charity event on his ranch.

Chelsea decides to go while Charlie stays home.  Alan convinces Charlie he should be jealous and the two of them grab Jake and head off.  On the way, Charlie gets them lost and drives their car into a ditch.  With no cell phone service, they walk home and find Chelsea is still not home and is still with the lawyer.  To be continued...

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Alan: Ten hours! Ten hours I sat in that urine-soaked jail cell.
Charlie: You shouldn't have peed yourself.

Louanne: So have you done the internet dating thing before?
Alan: All the time and if you're interested I know a couple tricks to weed out the losers.
Louanne: I'm very interested.