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Alan, Lyndsey, Jake and Eldritch move into Charlie after Alan burns Lyndsey's home down.  While at the house, Lyndsey begins to reveal her true self as she finally begins to get annoyed with Alan.  And rightfully so. 

Meanwhile, Charlie has an accidental impromptu man meeting with Lyndsey's ex, Chris (Judd Nelson) at Lyndsey's burnt down house when he goes to retrieve his cell phone.  Soon Herb and the pizza guy join in for drinks and hilarious stories.  Alan soon gets kicked out of his home and joins the guys.

Lyndsey comes to retrieve Alan, but when she sees Chris and he apologizes, they two run off for coffee.  Sorry Alan.

Two and a Half Men
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Two and a Half Men Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Charlie: I promise I'll get a quiet hooker.
Alan: Believe or not, that's a real concession on his part.

Charlie: You guys are no fun, I'm gonna call a hooker.
Lyndsey: Charlie, there's two boys in the house!
Charlie: Let them get their own hookers.