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Paul is put in jail after he killed Freddy. The appearance of the dome and the killing have left Paul in a deranged state. He fakes illness to get Linda to help him and then locks her in the cell when she tries to help him. He takes the weapons and heads out of the jail. Big Jim finds Linda and then sets up a manhunt for Paul. He recruits Barbie to help and they have an odd bonding experience. When they find Paul, Linda ends up shooting him to protect Jim and Barbie. Linda becomes Sheriff.


Junior tells everyone that Barbie attacked him for no reason. After visiting Angie, he goes to the tunnels of the abandoned Steel Mill to see if he can escape the town that way. Julia follows him and they find the dome is blocking that way out. Julia becomes suspicious of Barbie and pulls a map of the town out of his bag while he showers.


Joe's house becomes the gathering place for all the teens since he has a generator after Norrie goes to stay with him. After a confrontation and the power going out, the teens all leave. Norrie's mother shows up to find her. When Joe and Norrie touch hands, they create a spark and both of them start having seizures and say in unison, "Pink stars are falling."



Under the Dome
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