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- The town of Chester's Mill wakes up to find that the force field still surrounds the town. Duke's death creates turmoil. Big Jim and Reverend Coggins go into cover up mode to prevent their secret regarding the propane and something else from being revealed. Meanwhile, Paul starts to acts out without Duke to lead the police force. 


- Junior keeps Angie locked up and in anger she lies and tells him that she did sleep with Barbie. The former military man went back to the cabin where he killed Julia's husband to recover his dog tags. While there Junior attacks him. 


- Joe uses his science smarts to investigate the force field and discovers it's 10 miles wide. The military forces on the other side attempt to break through with water and other means. Joe gets water on him, so it's water permeable even though noise can't get through. Dodee overhears on the radio that they also tried lasers to cut through with no success. Julia announces through the radio to the town that it's being called "The Dome" by the military.


- Reverend Coggins goes to Duke's house and finds the papers and lights them on fire. He then kicks the can into curtains and sets the house on fire. The town comes together to try and put the fire out. Big Jim gets a large construction truck and uses the loader to tear down the house after Linda saved the Reverend. He lies and tells her he was at Duke's house to get a suit to bury him in.


- In the aftermath of the fire, Officer Paul begins to panic and shoots his gun. The bullet ricochets off the Dome and hits his fellow officer, Freddie, who dies.



Under the Dome
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