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The townspeople want to jump out windows like lemmings because they have no one to follow. Then pink stars start falling.

Junior is laying over Christine's cocoon. It shakes. 

Big Jim and Julia are looking for Indy and see the pink stars. Then a giant meteor falls.

Eva thinks the meteors are extinction level events, and the dome is protecting them. Barbie and Eva discuss it all as if it's nothing. Like it's just another day. Then Eva tries to get Barbie to drink even more Kool-Aid. And unzips her sweatshirt because sex cures all, apparently. "It's the kinship." Harmony, peace, freedom and other words are bantered about. It makes me want to vomit.

But, Barbie wants to let people from the outside into the dome to save them. She doesn't want that. They part ways.

After being tied up and gagged for a while, out from under Eva's thumb, Hunter decides he wants to live and that the Kinship ain't all that. Sam gets to Joe and Norrie just in time to save their asses, as they put it. It's unclear from whom.

Once Hunter is back in the air again, he's all back up with the Kinship and suicide. Norrie discovers the truth behind it all. Emotions are what brings back humanity and now they have a way to fight back.

Julia gets a look at the end of the world and has a semi-appropriate reaction. She and Big Jim partake of a guy's good alcohol as they get ready to take in the end of the world from his empty house.

Julia talks about humans going extinct. Big Jim thinks they'll be alive. Julia thinks Christine will kill them. Big Jim wants to do the killin'. They go on to have a nice conversation about regrets and mistakes. They pass out and in the morning, Indy is at the door. The sun is also coming from the wrong direction. It's not morning. It's not the sun. It's a wall of flame.

The great destruction is happening like it did on their homeland. Junior remembers this event. He's a total pod lemming. Junior calls them drones. He says Sam is special and can go into the caves. Sam is not so sure. He pulls out a knife. Junior then pummels Sam because he hurt Christine. 

Barbie makes his way to the edge of the dome. People are pounding on it. Families. He wants to help them. Eva tells him the world out there is the past. I hate her. He doesn't think he can let the past go. Eva wins. Barbie rips off the dog tag Julia gave him and throws it on the ground.

Joe, Norrie and Hunter make it to Big Jim and Julia's location. They'll team up to save what's left of the world. Or something.




Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Christine is trying to keep us from having emotions because when our feelings surface, so does our humanity.


Julia: Here boy. Indy.
Big Jim: That all you got? You gotta put your gut into it. INDY!!
Julia: He's a dog. He can hear us. I'm trying not to scare him away.
Big Jim: Indy's not a liberal. He doesn't get scared at everything. INDY!!
Julia: INDY!!!

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