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While the Fab Five readies their plan of attack, Barbie readies one of his own. But the FF has moved locations. Barbie torches the old one.

Christine is losing her shit, and smashes her walkie talkie to the floor after learning Barbie didn't find John and Yoko. Suddenly, an amethyst starts glowing in her hand. Eva is pregnant.

Norrie doesn't blame Julia for what happened to her mom. She's happy she didn't die as one of those things.

Julia decides that physical pain might also work to suppress the life force, and hopes to get Barbie back that way. If not, she will do it Jim's way; by killing Barbie and Eva. Just then, Barbie walkies in...of course Eva is with him. Julia doesn't buy his bullshit and, as Jim says, Dexter's him to get him back to the funeral parlor. 

The dome is calcifying and shutting down. That means Christine is going with it. Bummer. Not.

Julia and Barbie pull over a car battery to fight whatever is inside of Barbie. It's friggin awesome. Of course, it doesn't work, and Julia balks when Jim gets a little rough. He leaves so she can continue to work.

Joe and Norrie stock up on books in the library but the freaks get to them. Sam walks in; can he be trusted or not?! Yes!

Julia continues to browbeat Barbie, but he's emotionally cruel, and she walks out on him.

Sam takes Joe.

Christine doesn't allow Junior to have his mate, and instead chooses her as one of 12 chicks who will be a sacrifice for the new queen baby. 

Julia finds Barbie in the street. It's a popular location where she has a lot of showdowns. When he taunts her to pull the trigger, she balks (again) and he gets a line on her. She says she loves him, and he seems to falter. He falters just enough for her to kiss him, even while he's holding a gun on him. He may or may not have been brought back to her.



Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Julia, if there's any chance to get Barbie back, the real Barbie, you have to take it.


[talking into a walkie talkie] John to Yoko. George and Ringo just torched the Aktaion house. Christine's out for blood.

Big Jim