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Jim and Norrie try to fight off the members of the kinship, but Aktion shows up when all hope is lost and offers an alliance which will save all of them. Norrie is hesitant, but Jim takes a deal and it leads to him getting some answers about what's going on in town and why. 

Junior and Sam try to force Joe on to their side in order to weaken Jim and Co's defenses, but Joe is lying to them that he's helping and tries to sabotage them from the inside. Norrie shows up when Sam goes away and they hug it out, but Joe sends her away before they get caught. 

Eva must sacrifice twelve girls to get her closer to having her baby and she does it and even manages to reel Barbie back in at the last minute. Julia is horrified when she shows up at the barn and finds the dead bodies. Eva's maid gets ready to get Julia killed, but Norrie shoots her between the eyes, killing her. Julia and Norrie look on in horror as Barbie and Eva come out of the barn together. 

Hector informs Billie that they can't bring the dome down. 

Under the Dome
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Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Norrie: What do I do?
Jim: Shoot.
Norrie: It doesn't work.
Jim: Safety's on.

Wanna go find Jim? I know which one of us he'd be happy to see.