Under the Gunn Season 1

Heidi Klum and Neil Patrick Harris are guest judges on the season finale of Under the Gunn.

"Superhero Fashion"

The Marvel comic superheroes are the inspiration for the designers next challenge on Under the Gunn.

"The Benefit of Fashion"

The designers must come up with outfits for clients who have specific fashion needs and one designer comes up against an unexpected twist midway through the challenge on Under the Gunn.

"Crossing Teams"

The designers are placed into pairs that cross between the mentor groups on Under the Gunn.

"Trouble in the Lounge"

Mackelmore joins the panel and the mentors confront the judges on Under the Gunn.

"An Unconventional Beach Party"

The designers must use unconditional materials from a seaside party to create their new looks on Under the Gunn.

"Steampunk Chic"

The designers must create a steampunk look while Anya questions whether one of her designers actually created the work shown on the runway on Under the Gunn.

"Pompeii Team Challenge"

The desiginers must come together and create mini collections during the first team challenge on Under the Gunn.

"Hit the Stage"

Each designer must make an outfit for singer Zendaya to wear in concert on Under the Gunn.

"Unconventional Vampire"

This is a fun Under the Gunn task: the designers are asked to come up with vampire-themed looks this week.

"Red Carpet Showdown"

The contestants and the mentors take a Hollywood bus tour on this fun episode of Under the Gunn.

Under the Gunn
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