A Gun Fight - Underground
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One of John Brown's men approaches Harriet and relays a message. John Brown wants Harriet to be involved in a slave revolt that he is planning. He wants to raid the armory that is at Harpers Ferry and equip all of the slaves in the area with the weapons in hopes that they will help them fight back and eventually free themselves. It's the act of war that he and Harriet have been talking about.

Daniel wants tells everyone about what is happening at his plantation. He wants to go back so that he can rescue his wife and family. Georgia doesn't think it's a good idea because they don't have the people or a plan. Noah and Elizabeth are passionate about helping Daniel because what's the point of fighting if they don't fight to help others get free? Elizabeth suggests getting to help of Lucas and the Lawrence boys. 

Rosalee stays behind with James because she's in labor but hasn't told anyone yet. 

Cato is planning something with a woman that he has pretending to be Patty Cannon. Later on, he and Patty attack the boarding house while Georgia and many of the slaves and Rosalee are inside. Georgia and some of John Brown's man try to hold them off. A couple of them are killed. She shoots back and tells Rosalee to go hide with James.

Rosalee and James head into the basement but she catches a glimpse of Cato on his way down. She calls him out on turning on his people again because that's what he did before. She barricades herself into the room with James but Cato and the men are trying to get inside. While she's inside, she starts going into heavy labor and eventually ends up delivering the baby while the shootout is happening upstairs and the men are busting the door down.

James tries to tend to her and stabs the men's hands through the door to keep them at bay. When she has the baby, she barely has a moment with him before she tells James to hide away with the boy. She knows Cato is coming to take her, so she tells James to tell Noah to find her. 

Noah and Elizabeth head to the plantation. Noah has to go upstairs in the master's bedroom to take the baby without waking the master up. He is able to take the baby with minimum noise. He gets back to Daniel to meet the others, but apparently, the master wakes up and is holding one of the house girls hostages. Lucas tries to reason with the man, but eventually, Elizabeth just shoots him in the head because they don't have time.

Noah gives a rousing speech and gives all the slaves weapons that they've found so they can fight their way out. Another fight and a shootout happen in the woods and they lose a couple of slaves. Noah gets back to the house and realizes that violence has taken place. He and Elizabeth go looking for Rosalee and Georgia. 

He's worried because of his last words with Rosalee after she tried to apologize to him again, was that he loves her but that he can't forgive her just yet. He follows the sound of a baby crying and finds James and the baby in a trunk. He cries when he realizes that his baby is born free.

Ernestine is still traveling with August. He stops at his old farm and gets all melancholy, drinking at the graves of his wife and his slave. When the pain seems to be too much, Ernestine offers him some of her drugs to make the pain go away. They both take some, but they really affect him.

Ernestine takes off running and eventually August follows her having auditory hallucinations. Ernestine runs to the Macon plantation but sees that it's burnt to a crisp. When August catches up to her, she asks "What next?" When Ernestine wakes from sleeping off her last high, she finds August holding a gun to his head. 

She tells him that she tried to kill herself too but someone saved her and reminded her that she wasn't alone. She says she's not sure if she should save him because he probably deserves to die with all the wrong he's done, but she admits that she's a changed woman. She takes the gun away from him and walks away.

There is a ten month time jump. Elizabeth wakes up in bed with someone. She pretends to be an adoring girlfriend/lover but after he leaves for another business trip, she heads out to the docks and places a lantern on the post. She's at Harpers Ferry, which is where John Brown was talking about leading a revolt. She has presumably joined the mission and is there among the weaponry trying to help the cause.

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Underground Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Georgia: I want to help them, I do, but there are only three of us.
Elizabeth: We can change that. If they're afraid of John Brown, let them know that they should be.
Rosalee: Give them their revolt.
Georgia: You are talking about armed insurrection for one man and his family.
Noah: If we ain't doing this for a good man and his family, then who the hell are we doing this for?

George: He did have one other request for you, ma'am.
Harriet: And what is that?
George: He'd like you to be part of the raid.