Fear - Underground
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Cato is at Georgia's boarding house. He has built up a friendly rapport with some of the others so as not to raise suspicion. He wanders around the boardinghouse in search of information that could potentially help Patty. He's in Georgia's office rummaging through her things when Harriet finds him and asks what he's in there doing. They have an exchange where he asks her multiple questions including who she is, and what it is that she does there, and Harriet misleads him, and calls him out on not answering her question. Later on, she tells Georgia to watch out for him.

Cato tells Patty that he saw Harriet, but Patty doesn't believe that Harriet can be working as a housekeeper. Cato decides to slit his wrists because he knows that he'll be shipped off soon. Sometime after overhearing that Elizabeth is annoyed by the appearance of one of the men responsible for John's death and brings up that Noah and Rosalee are coming soon. 

Cato and Elizabeth bond over losing people and being afraid of the times while Elizabeth is wrapping his wounds. Cato tells Elizabeth that she has to use her fear and hatred.

Elizabeth is being harassed by the man who killed John. She decides to do something about it, so she sets the man's stable on fire one night. Unfortunately, the man's son runs inside, so she has to go back in to rescue him. She passes out from the smoke and Cato saves her. 

Georgia finds out about Elizabeth's actions and tells her that she can't stay at the boarding house anymore because her thirst for vengeance and violence is not safe for the others. She tells Elizabeth that the reason she passes is so that she can feel safe, but Elizabeth doesn't get that or takes her own safety for granted.

Harriet heads on her journey south, and it's harrowing and dangerous. She stops in a church and reflects on her role in the movement. She doesn't feel like telling her story and all of the talking will be enough. She talks about John Brown making her a general. She didn't set out to be a hero and doesn't want to be one, but it's the position she's in.

Noah, James, and Rosalee are heading back to the boarding house. At some point, Corra is captured by slave hunters and is shot and dragged away. James seems to be going along with the escape and has a few heart-to-heart moments with Noah about being a man and freedom.

Harriet meets up with Rosalee and Noah and she has a discussion with Noah about faith and how he must have it to some degree despite what he said because he got this far.

When they get back to the boarding house, Noah finally has it out and accuses Rosalee of jeopardizing the only family he has (her and their baby) for her own. He tells her that she treated him like a slave, that he thought he did something wrong to cause her distance, and that she's no better than her father.

Daniel's master is moving slaves because John Brown's men are coming. Daniel doesn't want to to be separated from his family. He wants to escape but has to find a way to, so he convinces the master to send him on a mission off the plantation. daniel goes into town, finds a cobbler, begins talking about freedom and slavery in hopes that the cobbler will give him the information that he needs because it's one of the most famous underground stops (in that city). The Cobbler claimed he wasn't into politics but eventually gave him the information he needed, and Daniel entered Georgia's boarding house and was greeted by Elizabet. 



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Underground Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Cato: There's this woman. She was sweeping floors, but she matches the description of Harriet.
Patty: She's the most notorious slave stealer there is, and you think she is sweeping floors in her down time?

Harriet: What you doing in here?
Cato: Ain't this Ms. Georgia room?
Harriet: That it is.
Cato: You cargo, too?
Harriet: Naw, I just tidy up from time to time for Ms. Georgia. Now that's two questions of yours I answered and I only asked you one.