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Daniel reveals to his wife that he knows how to read. He gives her a card that says love, as in he loves her. She's afraid that it will get him killed if anyone finds out that he can read and write.

Elizabeth sits on the stairs still in shock over John's murder. She screams for help but people seem to walk by. She appears to be catatonic at times and empty. She goes about her day distant from everything going on around her. Georgia helps put together a lot of the funeral plans because Elizabeth can't quite bring herself to do it. 

Elizabeth wonders what she has left now, she says Rosalee is the only family of John left, and thus her only family, but Rosalee is not there for her and didn't even make it to the funeral. 

Elizabeth gives Valentine some of Johns' clothes to wear and he talks to her about loss and life not making sense. 

Elizabeth takes a gun to the courthouse where John was murdered and sits on a bench outside because she wants someone to pay. Georgia is able to talk her out of doing anything rash. Elizabeth is broken and has lost faith in people and the goodness that should be inside of them.

Rosalee mourns John by throwing herself back into work. 

Ernestine is in an abusive relationship with Hicks. she's getting high. He tells her about impregnating Clara and he wants her to take care of it. Ernestine talks to Clara and gives her a concoction that will make her abort but she doesn't want to take it. Hicks ends up forcing her take it anyway with Ernestine not doing anything about it.

Later Ernestine finds Clara outside at the tree bleeding out because she had a miscarriage.

Pearly Mae's ghost hunts Ernestine. She tells Ernestine to kill herself. 

Noah tries to escape the men who stole him and are holding him captive. He outsmarts them regularly and talks about how they have to do the hard work while the rich man sits in the carriage and does nothing. He breaks the carriage down and costs them time. When they reach their location he begins to hold some of the men hostage when he's called off. 

He finds out that Cato is the one who is running things and he's the one who arranged to have Noah taken.

Patty Cannon is introduced. She has a man following her around writing her stories and writing a biography for her. He reminds her that she hasn't captured Harriet tubman.

Patty shoots Rosalee from a distance. It is revealed that Rosalee got shot in the arm, but also she's pregnant.

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Underground Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Rosalee, right now you have to focus on your family. Elizabeth is going to need you.


Daniel's Wife: Did you just...?
Daniel: I been teaching myself to read. Writing is just describing the sounds that the words make.
Daniel's Wife: What does it say?
Daniel: It says how I feel about you. It says why I taught myself to do this. [Holds up paper] It says, love.
Daniel's Wife:It's amazing. I want to keep it forever. [Rips up paper] But this could get us killed.