Unbearable Circumstances - Underground
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Rosalee is forced to trek through the woods in an effort to flee Patty Cannon's men. She is shot and has to fix her wound and keep going. The buckshot feather trick kept her from getting shot anywhere vital but her wound is still slowing her down. She has to cauterize it using her gun. 

She is also bitten by a snake which left her unconscious a few times and she deals with leeches. She goes temporarily death, and Donahue happens upon her, and takes mercy on her for some inexplicable reason. He gives her water and moves on pretending like he didn't see her. 

Patty and her men are hot on Rosalee's trial. Donahue tells them of research that said black women have a supernatural ability to endure and withstand pain. Patty, later on, enlists the help of August to help her capture the Black Rose.

Rosalee has flashbacks to when she was a girl and her time spent with Ernestine jumping on beds and trying to snatch any moments of joy. She also has flashbacks to time spent with Harriet cutting down a tree and talking about family.  

Rosalee finally makes it to safety.

Ernestine is deep in the throes of her addiction. She sees Clara enduring a shaming ritual by the elders. She continues to spiral out of control. She and some of the other slaves have to prepare to entertain Master Matthew. 

She gets high before going to see him, and deals with being haunted by Sam who talks about her ways of seduction and how she put up with Tom. He makes her question whether she is a good mother and her choices to have sex to get what she wants.

Ernestine bugs out when in front of Matthew and sings about hanging a white man (in reference to tom) and laughs hysterically. Sam the vision is laughing too. 

Hicks flips out on her later and beats her again, then they have sex and get high. 

Ernestine tries to commit suicide by drowning in the ocean but the others pull her out.

Master Matthew and his friends discuss slavery and how disgusting the act is and he admits that he doesn't agree with it.

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Underground Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Donahue: Your aim must have been off. It looks like the Black Rose is still alive.
Smoke: Patty don't miss.
Donahue: Well, it is widely believed in some scientific circles that the negro woman has an almost supernatural ability to bear pain. Perhaps that came into play.

I thought you promised Master Tom was the last one?