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Rachel and Quinn are now very much close friends. Quinn has taken over Chet's job, while Rachel has taken Quinn's. 

They decide that they need to do something to make this season of Everlasting different from the others, so they set out with a plan to do just that. 

They reveal to the network that they're pressing forward with an African-American bachelor named Darius Hill. 

The network is sketchy about the whole thing, but Quinn talks him round and he makes it clear that it's her in the firing line if things go wrong. 

Darius has a past in which he was rude to a reporter, so it's all about repairing his image, but it's clear that he didn't want to be there from the get-go. 

Things only got worse when Chet returned looking much thinner and took his anger at Quinn ushering him out the door out on the show. 

He stole Quinn's leading man and took him away with him. When Quinn and Rachel show up, they have to argue it out with Chet to get them back. 

He agrees, but there are strings attached. 

Jeremy continues to ridicule Rachel on set, but Rachel gets the last laugh when she fires the man Jeremy brought in to piss her off. 


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