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-Ava and Walter decide to give back and volunteer on Thanksgiving. Chris and Reagan's flight to Maryland is cancelled so Reagan tries to make it up to her homesick husband. Thinking the house was empty, Scott has a few friends over to his sister's house. What was going to be a quiet dinner for three turns into a full house when Ava, Walter, Gene, Terry, Scott and his friends stay for dinner. Chris and Reagan have a mishap with the turkey and everyone goes out for pizza. 

Up All Night
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Up All Night Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I haven't eaten anything in the last twelve hours except two Jack n' Cokes and a pocket full of Craisins.


Chris: No joke I fell asleep while packing.
Reagan: Did you also fall asleep while putting on your clothes Honey because you're wearing a deep V and my pregnancy pants.
Chris: I thought I was wearing capris.