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The second episode of V gave us a closer look at the Visitors and of those remaining on Earth, trying to figure out a resistance movement against them.

A majority of the hour was dedicatd to the Dale situation. He was missing and both the FBI and Dale's wife had questions. Erica was at the center of all them, as she initially denied being with Dale beyond dinner the night before.

But his car was soon found outside the pier where the pilot's massive shooting/killing went down. Erica's boss (Paul) at the FBI also got his hands on a 911 call Erica made outside the warehouse, where she tried to get police to come to the scene. However, as viewers saw earlier in the episode, this call was actually intercepted by the Visitors. Paul only had a copy because agents had been bugging phones around that warehouse in a drug scene.

This at least gave Erica an opening: she claimed Dale had turned traitor and was working with terrorists. She had followed him to that warehouse to see if this was the case, but it didn't lead to anything.

While Erica managed to sell this story to the FBI, it took her longer to sell Jack on the idea that a resistance was needed. By the end of the episode, though, both were on board with the distrust of everyone and with the mission to contact those that had previously called the FBI about alien sightings. Maybe that would lead to other resistance fighters.

Lord knows they'll need the help, too, as the episode ended with Dale aboard a spaceship, brought back to life!

In other storyline news:

- Chad tried to manipulate the news to help the Visitors with their American Visas. His segment did apparently boost their popularity in the polls and enable them to acquire the rights to travel freely in the U.S. But did Chad really wrestle power back from Anna? She called to thank him for his broadcast, but it's impossible to know her motives right now.

- Tyler spent time with Lisa and the Peace Ambassdor program, even after telling his mother he would not. When Tyler punched out a taunting human, he was barred from entering the program's headquarters because Lisa said he sent the wrong, violent message.

- Ryan made contact with another one of his kind (i.e. a nice Visitor). The man said Ryan really should ditch Valerie if he loves her and wants to keep her safe. Late in the episode, the couple noticed a photograph of them was turned upside down in their apartment. A note from someone named Cyrus fell out of it, as Ryan quickly pocketed the note and told Valerie it was just some guy from his past.

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V Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jack: You're an FBI agent?
Erica: You're a friggin'priest?

I have to show Anna she's not the only one to get what she wants. When I'm done she'll be the one calling me.