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V covered a lot of ground this week. Here's a rundown of what we learned and of what went down...

- Ryan is all about the resistance movement now. He caught up with a man from his past named Cyrus, someone with connections to The Fifth Column, a movement against the Vs that Ryan told Georgie still has people working for it. Cyrus, however, turned on his friend. He said he made a deal with the Vs to get "reconnected" if he brought them enough Fifth Column members. Intriguing! Sounds like Cyrus is a Visitor, yet those that turned against their kind have been cut off from some sort of powerful, drug-like control Anna held over them.

Ryan got the upper hand in this fight. When Marcus and some Visitors later approached the scene of the tussle, there was nothing but dust on the ground, making it seem as though Ryan killed Cyrus. There was also a message on the door: John May was here. Ryan had earlier referenced May as the leader of The Fifth Column.

Might he also have been a guy that infiltrated the NYC mothership? We saw scenes of a supposed Visitor trying to help a resurrected Dale recover his memories. After Dale talked about Erica and her resistance, this Visitor stuck a needle into Dale and said simply: The Fifth Column says hello. Very cool, shocking scene. Great twist to have the tables turned on the Visitors for a change!

- Erica, meanwhile, was assigned to actually help the Vs after a death threat was leveled against them. She ended up saving Marcus' life from an assassin and also discovering a secret room with numerous monitors. They showed pictures relayed from hundreds of cameras around the world, all of which were located in the jackets worn by Vs.

We later learned that the assassin was actually a Visitor and Anna had set up the entire plot in order to earn public sympathy. She also managed to convinced an anti-V protester, whose husband died as a result of the Vs landing, to actually give a PRO-V speech in front of the world. How did she do this? We have no idea.

- Tyler saw these jackets first hand as he got closer to Lisa. She showed up at his favorite pizza place to inform him that Tyler was back in the Peace Ambassor program. These two then went back to Tyler's room and were making out when Erica called for her son. He came out, shirtless, and couldn't conceal the fact that Lisa was in his room. But she had changed out of her V outfit and was only in lingerie (yeeeaaaah!) when Erica awkwardly entered.

- Jack also made contact with George, after using the list Erica had swiped from the FBI that listed everyone that had ever called the organization about possible alien contact. We learn that Georgie's family was killed by Visitors. At the end of the episode, he and Ryan show up at Jack's church and join up with the priest and Erica. Let the resistance begin!

At the very end of the episode, we also see an intriging interaction between Lisa and Anna. The former returns to the mothership and tells Anna they should use Tyler. He's the right one for whatever they have in mind. Anna thanks Lisa and says she's doing a great job. Lisa's reply: Thank you... mother.

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